Table Sizes

To get table size
Measure the length & width from the point of the cushion to the point of the cushion (where the ball hits).

Common sizes
39" x 78" = 7'
44" x 88" = 8'
46" x 92" = 8.5' (8' Pro)
50" x 100" = 9'

General Distance From the Wall Needed

The formula is that you need a minimum distance from the rubber cushion to the wall. With the length of a standard size cue being 57"-58", the general rule of thumb is to have 5' of space all the way around the table. This wiill give you enough room for the cue, and a comfortable 3" for your backswing. If you need/would like more, adjust accordingly.

Looking at a room which is a perfect rectangle and using a 4' x 8" table which has a playing surface of 88" x 44", you roughly need 17' 4" x 13' 8".

To understand the calculation, lengthwise it's 88" (playing surface) plus a 60" clearance on either side = 208 inches ÷ 12 = 17.33' (17', 4"); widthwise, it's 44" (playing surface) plus a 60" clearance on either side = 164 inches ÷ 12 = 13.67' (13',8")

Common Tables Serviced:

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